Hi! I’m Nicole Dieker.

I’ve been a full-time freelancer since 2012, with a focus on personal finance and personal development.

I currently write the “On the Money” advice column and the “Money Talks” interview series at Vox, and previously contributed to the “Money Matters” advice column at Morning Brew.

You can also view my work at Newsweek, Bankrate, CreditCards.com, Dwell, Haven Life, Catapult, BoingBoing, Lifehacker, The Write Life, Longreads, NBC News, Popular Science, Make a Living Writing, and The Billfold.

In 2017, I published a two-volume novel called The Biographies of Ordinary People. BookLife wrote “Dieker writes with unrepentant honesty about the human condition,” which suggests that both the book and its author did what they intended to do. William Deresiewicz, in his book The Death of the Artist, called The Biographies of Ordinary People “a lovely, unpretentious story, suffused with feeling, that unfolds at the speed of life.” You can most easily read The Biographies of Ordinary People through Libby or Amazon, and I hope you do.

I also write The Larkin Day Mysteries, a cozy-comedy-nerdy-mathy-theater-geeky mystery series that Kirkus called “engaging, sophisticated, and wide-ranging” and Publishers Weekly described as “breezy and full of surprises.” Get your copies at Amazon or buy directly from Shortwave Publishing.

Email me at nicole@nicoledieker.com.

Nicole Dieker