Patreon revenue (total): $6,909

Book revenue (total): $1,060.75

Book sales (total): 215 ebooks, 134 paperbacks

Book expenses (total): $4,274.85

Money spent this week: $0

(I think it’s time to restructure these metrics again because all those parentheses are getting confusing.)

I’m going to keep this week’s update short so I can get everything I need to get done DONE before the long weekend:

My second BargainBooksy promo ran on Sunday, and it went pretty much exactly as I predicted. I sold enough books to earn back the cost of the promo—14 ebooks times $2.67 in royalties equals $37.38, and the promo cost $35—but I didn’t sell as much as I did during my first BargainBooksy promotion.

Interestingly, those 14 sales got me to #31,807 in all of Amazon, and #226 in my category:

Which, as Pronoun emailed to remind me, meant I was in the top 8%:

This was on fourteen sales, y’all.

But hey, I earned back my investment! As soon as I get back from vacation, I’m going to start submitting to the big promo sites and planning one of those stacked promo things where I’m on a new site every day for a week.

I’ve heard that’s how to get your ebook to #1 in your category.

I wonder how many sales that would take.

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