This post was originally sent to my TinyLetter subscribers.

I am SO EXCITED to announce that Writing & Money is live!

As a reminder: Writing & Money is my new podcast, in which I tell you EVERYTHING I KNOW about earning money from your writing.

Some episodes will be free, but most episodes will be subscription-only. If you choose to subscribe, it’s $1 per month. That gets you two episodes per month PLUS access to the Writing & Money community, where we can share pitch critiques, discuss how to identify good clients, and… well, it’ll be your community as much as mine, so we’ll see what it becomes!

Writing & Money is set up through Patreon, so that’s where you’ll go to subscribe. That’s also where the community forums will be located. If you’re a subscriber, you’ll get instructions on how to add Writing & Money to your favorite podcast app; if you’re not a subscriber, follow @writingandmoney on Twitter to learn when the next free episode will be released.

(Actually, subscribers should probably follow @writingandmoney too.)

Want to start listening right away? Here’s Episode 0: How to Pitch. ❤️

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