This Week

Books sold: 2 ebooks, 1 paperback

Money earned: $8.40

Money spent: $0


Books sold: 352 ebooks, 145 paperbacks

Money earned (book sales): $1,418.38

Money earned (Patreon): $6,909

Money spent: $4,855.71

Good news for Amazon shoppers: The Biographies of Ordinary People: Volume 1 is back on Amazon. In ebook and paperback!

I’m now operating through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, and the entire process went very smoothly. Customer service connected my book with its previous sales rank and reviews, the Kindle Create copy looks great, and I’m very happy with everything.

If there was one minor disappointment, it was learning that the honor of being a Library Journal Self-e Selection made me ineligible for KDP Select (and Kindle Unlimited, and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library). Amazon doesn’t want your ebook available ANYWHERE ELSE, and yes, libraries count.

But that means I can put my book on iTunes and Google Play and Barnes & Noble and Kobo!

Which… well, I could do it the easy way and I could do it the hard way.

The easy way would involve uploading my Pronoun-created epub file, which is mine to redistribute however I choose even though it still has Pronoun’s branding all over it. (And outdated links.)

The hard way, which is of course the way I’m going to go, involves rebuilding my book for iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. They all have their own version of Kindle Create, and I’ve already downloaded the iBooks Author app so I can start the process this weekend.

Google Play doesn’t have their own build-a-book app, so they might get the Pronoun epub file.

But I’d like to get all of this done before the end of 2017, so I can go back to focusing on Vol. 2 in January.

In other news, I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how much publicity I should pay for in 2018. I got an email from a Major Industry Book Reviewer this week offering me a spot on their podcast, and though I knew as soon as I said yes they’d come back and tell me how much it cost—because we’d been through this before when they offered me a spot in their magazine—I replied anyway, hoping it would be under $500.

Well. The number they quoted me was much higher than $500. I’d need to sell nearly 600 books to earn back the investment, and… I mean, selling 600 books would be great, but I don’t think I’ll get that many sales off a single podcast interview. Especially because people who listen to podcasts have to remember to purchase the book after they finish the podcast.

For this type of thing to work, I’d have to be on several different podcasts and reviewed or interviewed in multiple blogs and magazines and so on. Advertising is about repetition as much as anything else.

I have some ideas about where to invest my publicity budget to get the maximum amount of quality repetition for my money (repetition and reputation!), but I need to do some more research.

Also, I still haven’t heard back from She Writes Press, which might change the plan entirely. To be fair, it’s just been a month since I sent Biographies for submission.

But that’s all for January. Between now and then, I need to get Biographies back on iTunes/Google Play/Nook/Kobo.

Because I made three sales this week without even announcing that I was back on Amazon.

I wonder how those people found my book.

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