This post was originally sent to my TinyLetter subscribers.

I wanted to let you all know that I’ve switched the Writing & Money podcast from a Patreon subscription model to a Simplecast FREE FOR EVERYONE model.

I’ve been watching the stats, and what I’ve learned is that a lot of people are listening to the free episodes but only a small number of people choose to become subscribers.

So I’m making all of the episodes free. The ones that currently exist, plus the episodes to come.

I hope you agree that this is the way to go — I’d been thinking about it ever since the Patreon kerfluffle a while back, and when I reblogged the free “how to do your big creative projects” episode last week, the numbers confirmed it.

I want to share what I know with as many people as possible, and the $1/month subscription was getting in the way of that.

Here’s the newest episode: How to Become a Regular Contributor. 

Here’s the RSS feed if you want to add Writing & Money to your favorite podcast app:

I hope you enjoy the podcast! ❤️

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