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Books sold: 357 ebooks, 147 paperbacks

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One of the more challenging parts of marketing The Biographies of Ordinary People: Volume 2: 2004–2016 is that it isn’t a stand-alone book. (As you might remember, it begins at Chapter 71.)

So what I’m doing right now is re-marketing The Biographies of Ordinary People: Volume 1: 1989–2000 in an effort to get people excited about Volume 2. Last week I contacted nine bloggers & book people about reviewing Volume 1, two of which now have a copy of the book.

I also signed up with Patchwork Press’s NetGalley Co-Op, and Volume 1 is currently available to read and review on NetGalley.

Here’s how the NetGalley Co-Op works: I paid $225 for six months of space in the co-op, during which I can promote multiple books (my hope is to have the Volume 2 ARC available by the end of February). Patchwork Press manages all of the review requests and does all of the back-end work, which is GREAT.

I haven’t even formally announced the NetGalley thing yet and already 17 people have liked my cover. So… I hope this works out as a promotional tool, and I’ll let you know how many review requests I end up getting.

This is probably how the schedule is going to go down, over the next few months:

February: finish Volume 2 ARC (ebook only), submit to NetGalley and industry reviewers

March: start promoting Volume 2 ARC with bloggers and book people, start creating print version

April: continue promotion, launch pre-order, finalize print version, begin planning book tour

May: continue promotion, planning, etc., publish book (which will probably be on May 22 but don’t hold me to that YET)

June: book tour, plus I’ll start hearing about whether Volume 1 won any awards

July: run another big sale on Volume 1 to get people excited about both volumes

I have a lot of work to do, but I am so very excited about getting you Volume 2 and sharing the second half of this story.

I hope you’re excited too. ❤️

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