This Week

Books sold: 2 ebooks (Amazon)

Money earned: $4.95

Money spent: $0


Books sold: 359 ebooks, 147 paperbacks

Money earned (book sales): $1,440.02

Money earned (Patreon): $6,909

Money spent: $5,080.71

I wanted to give you an update on Patchwork Press’s NetGalley Co-Op: I submitted The Biographies of Ordinary People: Volume 1 to NetGalley through the Co-Op last week, and it currently has two NetGalley reviews!

This is worth noting because, as I explained last week, the biggest challenge of marketing Volume 2 will be re-marketing Volume 1.  I actually talked with some publicists who suggested it might be too difficult of a challenge, but… I have ideas. I’ve got this NetGalley Co-Op going, and I want to get the Volume 2 ARC up by the end of the month so reviewers can read/review/promote both. I also need to get the Volume 2 pre-order up by the end of the month so that promotion can drive purchases.

I’m also submitting Volume 1 to the IndieReader Discovery Awards this week. They just announced a prize for best debut novel, which will be awarded in late May/early June. As with the BookLife Prize, I’ll get an evaluation of my book regardless of whether I win any awards, and I can use that in my marketing.

After I get the pre-order up, I’m going to run another BargainBooksy promo on Volume 1, so people who like the first volume can immediately pre-order the second.

I have a few more ideas but they’re not fully shaped yet, so I’m focusing on these for now. (Yes, I’m still going to be reaching out to blogs/podcasts/publications, etc., and there’s also going to be a local marketing emphasis.)

But the most important thing for me to do this week is get Volume 2 ARC-ready. WHICH MIGHT ACTUALLY HAPPEN THIS WEEK, WE’LL SEE. The pre-order might also happen this week. Who knows? I’m going to work as hard as I can and see how far I get. ❤️

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