New Year, New Blog

So it’s twenty-ought-nineteen, in the sense that a lot of us are feeling like we ought to be in a different place right now (we said “happy new year,” and now we have to make it happen), and I’ve started to feel like this ought to be a different kind of blog.

Actually, I thought about creating a whole new blog. Something to pair with The Billfold, but instead of having honest conversations about money, we’d have honest conversations about The Work. By which I mean both the work we do for money and the creative work we’d like to do (and/or are currently doing) with an emphasis on the creative end of things.

Also, how to turn that creative work into work we do for money, because you can’t have a conversation with me for too long before personal finance gets involved.

Unfortunately, The Work was already taken. So was The Candle (because we burn it at both ends?) and The Breath (because it inspires us?) and all of the other catchy “the noun” titles I thought of.

I came very close to starting a blog called The Creative Practice Club, because Dot Club is now a thing, but that sounded like way too corporate. (Although I do, in fact, want this to be a creative practice club. It is a very accurate description of what I hope this space becomes.)

But — because you can’t have a conversation with me for too long before personal finance gets involved — when I looked into how much it might cost to start a new for-real professional blog, with the WordPress Dot Orgs and the fancy Jetpacks and the rest, I asked myself “do I really need to pay $300 to build something brand-new, when I have a perfectly good Nicole Dieker Dot Com already set up and in the budget?”

So here we are.

I want to do a post a day, Monday-through-Friday. I am going to use a lot of what I learned from The Billfold, which means there will be Question Wednesdays (though they might not be on Wednesdays) where I ask you a question that’s on my mind and then invite you to answer and/or discuss your own questions in the comments, and there’ll probably be Link Roundups or in-depth discussions of inspirational articles, plus occasional Nicole Recommendses.

But the core of this project is to share everything I’ve learned about Doing The Work, which is another title I can’t use because Steven Pressfield already used it (good book, though I like The War of Art better) and explore some of the questions and issues I’m coming up against as I continue to Do The Work.

Also, to explore your questions and celebrate your accomplishments. Because this is a Creative Practice Club, after all.

See you all tomorrow. ❤️

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