Where I Got Published Today: Bankrate, Lifehacker

Bankrate: How to Do a Capital One Balance Transfer

If you want to do a Capital One balance transfer online, start by logging into your Capital One credit card dashboard. Locate the credit card you want to use for the balance transfer and click “View Account.” Then look for the menu option “I Want To,” which should be located in the middle right of your screen next to a gear icon.

Lifehacker: Last-Minute Tax Tips for Freelancers

This isn’t going to be the typical “last-minute tax tips” post. I’m not going to advise you to try to remember any business expenses you forgot about, or remind you that filing electronically could get you a faster refund. Instead, I’ve got two huge pieces of advice for freelancers and solopreneurs filing 2018 taxes—both of which could save you a lot of money.

Lifehacker: How Changes to the ACA Might Affect Your Insurance Premiums

If you haven’t been following the latest Affordable Care Act news, I don’t blame you. This morning, The Washington Post ran a story titled The White House does or doesn’t have a health-care plan that is or isn’t better than Obamacare—and that isn’t even an April Fools headline.