Where I Got Published Today: Lifehacker, Bankrate

Lifehacker: You Might Be Eligible for a TurboTax Refund

Call 888-777-3066 to talk to a TurboTax representative and get your filing fee refunded. ProPublica reports that multiple taxpayers have successfully requested and received their refunds, so if you’re eligible, go ahead and make that call.

Lifehacker: For Better Financial Outcomes, Study Math Instead of ‘Financial Literacy’

So, if you’re an adult who wants to prepare yourself for the financial challenges of the future, focus on getting good with numbers. Learn how to identify which banks or investments offer high interest and low fees. Ask yourself whether you’ll get a better return on your dollar by putting it towards debt repayment or stashing it in an index fund. Remember that financial-guru tips like “pay off your smallest debt first” or “wait to claim your Social Security benefits” might be helpful, but you should always do the math on your own.

Bankrate: Tend to spend? These are great credit cards for big spenders

If you can afford to put a lot of money on your credit card every month — and pay it off in full — you need a credit card that rewards big spending. Many of the best rewards credit cards are designed for average spenders. If your spending goes far beyond the average, you’re going to want a credit card that offers better-than-average rewards.

Bankrate: What is Credit Card Churning, and How does it Affect your Credit Score?

Credit card churning is the practice of opening many new credit cards to claim lucrative sign-up bonuses. After you earn your sign-up bonus, you either cancel the credit card (often to avoid paying an annual fee) or simply stop using the card. Credit card churning is especially popular among “travel hackers,” who collect multiple sign-up bonuses and redeem them for free flights or hotels.