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Research Mortgage Lenders the Way You Research Restaurants

I don’t know about you, but before I choose a restaurant, I like to look at a lot of photos and reviews.

Even if someone else chose the restaurant—even if they say it’s their favorite restaurant and I’m going to love it—I still like to check the menu online and then look for food photos on Yelp or Facebook, to give myself the best chance of ordering something I’ll enjoy.

Find Out Your Real Hourly Wage With This Calculator

Khe Hy, at RadReads, has put together a spreadsheet to help us calculate what we’re actually earning. You input your income, the number of hours you spend at work, your commute time, the amount of work you do on the weekends, and how much time it takes you to unwind from work every day—plus a bunch of other figures such as your effective tax rate and the amount of money you spend on work-related stuff, from clothing to happy hours.