On Storytelling and Perspective

So I wanted to give you a quick NEXT BOOK update!

First, the word count has ticked up considerably since I switched back to writing in the mornings instead of the afternoons.

(Current word count: 28,010.)

Second, I spent all of last week doing what I initially didn’t want to do with this book: jump out of the protagonist’s perspective and into somebody else’s head.

But I’m at the part of the story where the protag gets separated from the other characters, and so it felt like a natural opportunity to see what those other characters were thinking and feeling.

Maybe I’d set it apart from the rest of the book by making it a unique section, or something. Or maybe I’d like it so much that I’d go back and include multiple perspectives from the very beginning!


None of that.

Turns out I hated it. I mean, it was a fun way to explore some of the secondary characters a little better, and I’ll use what I learned in the rest of the draft, but… it’s not their story.

Also, turns out those characters weren’t doing all that much, in terms of plot-relevant stuff. They had plenty of thoughts and feelings, but there was a limit to how much they could sit around and think about the BIG EVENT to come, or meet up after work to discuss how they felt about what might happen next (which can’t happen until the protagonist gets back).

So that was a learning experience, and a digression well worth taking, and an interesting reminder that my instincts, at least in this case, were correct.

This story is best told from a single person’s perspective.

It’s her Hero’s Journey, after all. ❤️

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