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Lifehacker: How to Survive a Freelance Dry Spell

If you aren’t getting as much freelance work as you used to, it’s time to start pitching again.

Trouble is, you can only send out so many pitches in a day. Same goes for reaching out to your network, checking the freelance job boards, asking a former client if they need any help (or know of anyone who might need help), etc. So what else do you do, when you’re in a freelance dry spell?

Lifehacker: Why Low-Stakes Friendships Are So Valuable

If you want to feel like you’re part of a community, it’s time to get to know the people in your neighborhood.

This is hard, for many of us—we’re busy, we’re pretty sure the person standing in front of us at the coffee shop doesn’t want us to introduce ourselves, and so on. But forming casual, low-stakes friendships with the people you interact with regularly is a good way to feel more integrated with the world around you.

Plus, some of those low-stakes friendships could eventually turn into true, close friends.

Haven Life: How to Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Full-Time Job

Twenty-four million Americans want to work for themselves by 2021, according to FreshBooks’ third annual Self-Employment in America report.

If you’re already your own boss, you probably want to stay that way; FreshBooks reports that 96 percent of self-employed Americans surveyed “have no desire to return to a ‘regular job.’” In fact, the majority of self-employed people in the FreshBooks study have a better work-life balance now that they’ve switched over to freelancing or small business ownership.

But how do you make the switch? A lot of us can figure out how to start a side hustle, but don’t know how to turn the extra $50 or $150 we earn every week into a full-time income.