Let’s Do Jami Attenberg’s 1000 Words of Summer

Currently, my NEXT BOOK draft includes 33,460 words.

I suspect it’ll be just over 50,000 words by the time the draft is finished, although I anticipate adding to the draft during the revision process (remember, there are sections where I feel like I’m only writing 70% of a story).

Which means I am very excited that author Jami Attenberg is running 1000 Words of Summer again this year.

Unlike NaNoWriMo, which asks you to write 50,000 words in a month (that’s 1,666 words per day, which would be totally doable if I wasn’t already writing four articles a day for my freelancing clients, also I gotta do family stuff over Thanksgiving), Attenberg is inviting us to write a thousand words per day for fourteen days.

June 17 through July 1.

I can do that. I couldn’t last year, because the project coincided with my book tour and vacation (and although I did keep writing throughout my book tour, I said no to writing during my four days of vacation) but I can this year.

This means that I’ll probably have the NEXT BOOK draft finished by the end of 1000 Words of Summer, if not before.*

That’s both unbelievable and totally believable.

Anyone else want to participate? ❤️

*If I do end up finishing the draft before 1,000 Words of Summer is over, I’ll revise a 1000-word chunk of text each day, or something like that.

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