Where I Got Published Today (and While I Was Away): Haven Life, Lifehacker

Haven Life: What 3 Morehouse College graduates plan to do now that they’re free of student debt

What is it like when your student debt disappears? How does this kind of opportunity reshape your future? I had the privilege of interviewing Steven Anderson II, Juan Clark and Josef Sorrells about their Morehouse experience, how they felt when Robert Smith announced his gift and how this incredible act of generosity will change their lives.

Lifehacker: If You Want to Build New Habits, Build Fewer Habits

Turns out that adding all these new and exciting habits made it harder for me to stick to my core habits, simply because there are only so many habits you can tick off before it’s time to complete the “go to bed at the same time every day” habit.

So I stopped, culled, and reprioritized.

Lifehacker: Carry Your Trip Insurance Info When You Travel

One of the main reasons I got an airline credit card was because it came with multiple forms of travel insurance.

(That, and the free checked bags.)

However, when I found myself stuck in Chicago overnight thanks to flight delays and missed connections, I realized that I didn’t really know the details of my travel insurance plan.