Getting Some Slack Back Into My Schedule

So that big chunk of work that I needed to get done is now complete, and I finally have a little more slack in my freelance schedule.

This means, essentially, that I don’t have to be productive every minute of my workday.

That I have space for an assignment to take more time than anticipated.

That I have space for me, if I need to take more time than anticipated. (The assignment itself may take the two hours I’ve blocked off for it, but if I didn’t sleep well the night before and only want to give it an hour’s worth of work today, I can.)

That my evenings can include stuff besides “work” or “resting from work with books/TV/video games.” I’ve been putting off phonebanking for Andrew Yang, for example, because I haven’t had the energy to deal with phones and conversations.

I’ll also be able to go back to my regular YMCA routine—like, I never stopped going to the YMCA, but I did decrease my workouts by around 20 percent (in both frequency and intensity), and that decrease affected some of the other metrics my Fitbit and Exist apps track, and although I know WE ARE NOT OUR METRICS, or maybe WE ARE MORE THAN OUR METRICS, it’s interesting to see the ripple effects from all of these changes.

I mean, I think this recent freelance sprint was worth it. I’m now connected to two new clients who are offering recurring work, I got a bunch of bylines, I got to test an electric shock bracelet, and I’ll be getting some nice paychecks over the next month or so.

And, probably, the next time this kind of thing happens, it’ll be worth it again.

But I am very glad to get some slack back into my schedule. ❤️

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