New Class Announcement: How to Develop a Writing Practice

It’s time to register for fall writing classes at Hugo House, and I’m teaching an online course that will help you develop your own writing practice.

This group course is self-directed, which means you’ll complete the assignments at your own pace but you’ll also be working alongside other writers/classmates. You’ll be able to help and encourage each other, as well as participate in group discussions about the writing life.

The class runs for four weeks and costs $240, but if you register before August 27, you get a $20 Early Bird Discount! 🐦🐦🐦

Here’s the link to register, along with the course dates and description:


September 19—October 10, 2019

Successful writers understand that writing is not just an art—it’s also a practice. If you’re having trouble finding time to write or feel like you lack the motivation to complete your writing projects, this class is for you. Students will learn how to track their creative energy throughout the day, analyze their schedules to set aside time for writing, use measurable goals to maximize productivity while writing, and discuss how to remain committed to their writing practice long-term.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the course! This is the second time I’ll be teaching this online course, and the first session went extremely well. I’m very excited to share this class with a new group of students. ❤️

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