I’ll Be at FinCon Next Week

Wanted to let you all know that I’ll be at FinCon (the convention for “money media nerds”) next week—and after asking myself “do I have time to post a new post every day while also doing the convention and doing some freelance writing during the convention,” I have decided that I can fit in a very very short post every day.

(Probably not much longer than this one, which is the length it is because I’m trying to get a bunch of other stuff done before I leave for FinCon.)

So expect your “where I got published/open thread” post tomorrow, then no post on Labor Day, and then three short “thoughts from FinCon” posts followed by the Friday “where I got published/open thread.”

Monday, September 9 will be the monthly Financial Update (plus a FinCon cost roundup), and then we’ll be back to the usual blogging schedule from there.

Also: I am actively looking for guest posts for September, so if you haven’t pitched me yet, NOW IS THE TIME. ❤️

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