Thought of the Day: Knowing Your Point of View

I just got back from this morning’s FinCon keynote, presented by Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and I won’t go into the whole thing right now because it was very interesting (and very revealing re: trends, I cannot tell you how many times Ramit advocated for the value of travel and spending money on travel, which is… well, you know my thoughts on that).

But I will touch briefly on one part of the keynote, which had to do with “if you want to stand out in a crowded field of financial influencers, you need a specific point of view.”

Arguably, I’m already standing out in a crowded field of financial writers—though what I do doesn’t fall under the “influencer” label per se. I’m not fashionable, in any sense of the word; when I got to meet Ramit at the book signing afterwards, I didn’t even get a photo for the ‘gram or whatever (A DECISION I ALREADY REGRET, I KNOW YOU HAVE ASKED FOR MORE PHOTOS).

But when he asked all of us to reflect on our point of view, aka the lens through which we saw the world, my first thought was “I’m a realist who is also an optimist,” but that was way super generic.

Then I remembered one of my favorite posts from this blog: Your Choices Limit Your Choices (And That’s a Good Thing).

That’s a coherent, specific statement that manages to cover exactly what I mean by “I’m a realist who is also an optimist.” It also clarifies that I see the world as a place where we can make choices about what we do, while acknowledging that we can’t choose everything.

Because if we follow Ramit’s other piece of advice, and consider quadrupling our spending on whatever brings us the most joy, well… you either have to figure out how to earn more, where to cut back, or whether it’s worth pulling that money out of your savings and giving future you slightly fewer choices. ❤️

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