September Financial Update

Now that I am back from FinCon, let’s take a look at how my finances changed over the past month.

(I also promised you a FinCon Cost Roundup, but that’ll come later in the week because some of those charges haven’t hit my credit cards/YNAB yet. Expect the Cost Roundup, plus a What I Learned Roundup, on Wednesday.)

At the beginning of August, I was all “look at how much my net worth can drop in a single day thanks to stock market fluctuations.” My July 31 net worth was $127,163.28; my August 1 net worth was $125,946.28. I figured that wasn’t really worth worrying over—the market would probably rebound, might as well grab some investments while they were on sale—and I was right.

This month I’m more like “let’s look at the results of my highest earning freelance month ever.”

YNAB net worth chart showing annual growth; current net worth is $135,824.34.

In August, I received $12,981.94 in freelance checks and $4.14 in publishing royalties. This is due in part to a few higher-paying gigs, but it’s mostly the result of my taking on a lot of extra work this summer. I’m glad that I’m no longer working nights and weekends on extra projects, but also… wow. Huh. It used to take me three months of freelancing to earn that much.

My current net worth is $135,824.34. According to the FIRE calculators, I could be financially independent in 6 years and 7 months. (Remember, I’m not in the financial independence game to quit my job and travel the world or anything like that. I’m treating it as insurance on my future, in case the internet changes or I age out of my career or I take on responsibilities that won’t allow me to put as much time into freelancing.)

The FIRE calculators also tell me that I could be a millionaire in a decade, which… well, once again, wow, huh.

BUT ALSO! I have been on this world for long enough to know that jobs change, expenses come up, our capacity to make money increases and decreases, and so on. All we can do is earn what we can, save what we can, and do the best with what we have.

Which is why I’m trying to save as much as I can right now, while I’m earning more than I ever thought I could. ❤️

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