October Financial Update

Happy October! It’s time for me to do that thing I do every month, so here we go:

It's a bar graph showing my net worth. Trending up, mostly.

My current net worth is $141,535.98, up from $135,824.34 at the beginning of September. The financial calculators still suggest I’ll hit financial independence in seven years.

Total freelancing income for September was $10,274.50, plus $10.65 in publishing royalties. It looks like I’m going to be hitting $10K months on a regular basis, at least for the near term.

This still feels really weird. I keep waiting for the man whom my brain decides to envision as an old-timey British policeman to jump out from behind a corner and bop me with his billy club, which turns out to be made of cartoon rubber so I’m fine, but still prevents me from freelancing because IMPOSTER SYNDROME.

That said, I’m well aware that my smartest career move right now is to ride this freelancing wave while I’ve got it. Also, I need to raise the rates I pay the freelancers who guest post at Nicole Dieker Dot Com, because THAT’S SUPPOSED TO BE HOW CAPITALISM WORKS.

More on that tomorrow.

Until then, I promised you a FinCon Cost Roundup, and… well, I never did it, so let’s do it now:

  • $783.50 for a FinCon 2019 pass
  • $777.08 on hotels
  • $518 on airfare ($40 of which was checked baggage)
  • $170.36 on ground transportation
  • $174.16 on food and sundries
  • $550 on a discounted FinCon 2020 pass bundled with a Financial Freedom Summit pass
  • TOTAL COST: $2,973.10 (or $2,423.10 if you don’t count the 2020 pass)

The biggest lesson here? Going to your first FinCon saves you a lot of money on your second one. ❤️

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