November Financial Update

It’s time for another one of these, so let’s take a look at how my finances have changed over the past month:

In October, I earned $14,606 in freelance income and $9.70 in publishing royalties, giving me a new “highest freelance earning month ever.” (This is still weird. It is still very, very weird, and I am just trying to make the most of it while I can.)

My current net worth is $153,896.95, up $12,360.97 from last month’s $141,535.98, partly because the stock market is doing really well right now (all three market indices reached record highs yesterday).

The FI calculators are saying I could hit financial independence in five years and eleven months if I only count personal expenses, and eight years and four months if I want to keep running my business after I FIRE.

As always, I am taking all of this with an unhealthy amount of salt, because those calculators assume that both my income and my expenses will remain constant over the next five-to-eight years. (I do run an average of my income/expenses, so it’s not like they calculate this based on the last month alone, but still.)

Anyway, that’s the “finance” part of my career—and tomorrow I’m going to do another post on the “art” side. ❤️

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