Mystery Novel Update: Shifting From Word Count to Scene Count

So I am pretty sure I didn’t write 10,000 words on my MYSTERY NOVEL last week, but I also stopped keeping track of the word count (at least for now; I know this book will need to have around 60,000 words eventually) and started focusing on the number of scenes between me and the end of the story.*

Because I do have a scene list, and unlike that other book I spent part of the year trying to write, this book’s scene list fell naturally and perfectly into a three-act plot structure without me even having to think about it.

Probably because this book actually has a plot at its core, instead of, like, a philosophical argument.

(It also has subplots, in case you’re curious. I am so tickled that I got some subplots going without even trying—the characters have to do something in between solving and/or committing crimes, after all.)

So right now I have a list of all the scenes in the book, and a plan for when I’ll work on the ones that still aren’t written and when I’ll focus on the ones that need to be tweaked.

I am hoping hoping hoping that I’ll get this book drafted by the end of the year.

That gives me 43 days. ❤️

*If you want to know why I can’t just check the total number of words in the document, compare it to the previous total, and figure out how many words I wrote last week, it’s because I spent this weekend reworking old scenes, which meant deleting and rewriting and cutting and pasting. I’d say I wrote 5,000ish words in total last week, but it feels like I got a lot more work done.

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