On Putting Time Into Creative Work

If my blog posts have felt a little short and hastily-dashed-off as of late, it’s because I am full-in on MYSTERY BOOK and giving all of my extra writing time to that project.

That said, YouTube recently recommended a two-year-old video from VideoGameDunkey after I watched Dunkey’s Untitled Goose Game video like, seven times, because I swear it is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

In fact, let’s just start with the goose video. It’s five minutes long. It still makes me laugh, every time.


When you’re done with that, watch this other video, in which Dunkey takes us through some of his earliest creative work and explains the value of both putting time into a project and completing multiple projects over time.

(Be aware that some of Dunkey’s earliest work is not safe for work.)

As a person who’s created a lot of stuff over a very long time, and who is currently writing a book in which one of the overarching themes is that the details matter, this video resonated with me SO HARD.

So I hope you enjoy watching it while I get back to writing. ❤️

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