December Financial Update

Happy December! It’s time for another financial update, so HERE WE GO:

This month's YNAB net worth screenshot.

In December, I received $11,024.43 in freelancing income and $2.51 in publishing royalties. My current net worth is $164,475.44, which is up $10,578.49 from last month’s $153,896.95—and, like last month, a lot of that came from stock market gains).

That said, I haven’t put any money into investments for December yet because I’m holding on some numbers from my CPA. We’re doing 2020 tax prep already, in anticipation of me owing more money than, um, anticipated.

Because I just crossed the six-figure mark in gross freelance income for the year, which—well, I’ve known that was coming for a few months, but it still feels very, very weird.

It took me seven years of full-time freelancing to build up to a six-figure income, and there is no guarantee that I’ll earn this much next year (though I’ve got my schedule blocked off through first quarter 2020 and earnings look like they’ll stay pretty level).

But if you are reading this and are, like, “I’m only making $30K as a freelancer,” I want to say keep working and this kind of career is both possible and achievable.

Though I wouldn’t have believed it was possible until I did it myself.

And I have no idea if I’ll be able to achieve the same thing next year. My gross annual freelance earnings have gone something like $20K, $40K, $60K, $80K, back down to $60K, then this year’s $100K, soooooooo… well, all any of us can do is keep working. ❤️

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