March 2020 Financial Update

Let’s start with the good news: I received $9,630.23 in freelancing income last month and $3.25 in publishing royalties.

Now, the less good news: I also lost a lot of investment portfolio value, like pretty much everyone else with investments. My Vanguard portfolio alone dropped by $9,371.70. (The majority of my investments are in Vanguard, but I have $5,137.87 in a HSA and $5,559.52 in a TIAA 403(b) annuity that I was told I could not roll over into Vanguard—apparently I’m locked into that investment for life, thanks TIAA.)

Which means that my current net worth looks a bit like this:

It's a sad chart. A very sad chart. The bars are going down instead of up.

The actual number, as of this morning, is $157,631.69. That’s $5,104.46 down from last month’s $162,736.15, and YNAB tells me that my total net worth has dropped by $9,400.16 since January 1.

Which is fine.

It’s FINE.

As I explained in Lifehacker this morning, investing is a long game—and I’m nowhere near the end of it.

That said, I saw that there was a request in the comment section to learn more about how I did money, so I think I’ll write a bit about that for Wednesday, since I don’t have a guest post prepped to run (though I do have two guest posts scheduled for later in the month, and the pitch inbox is open).

Though I’m not sure how I do money has changed, much, over the years. It’s just that I have more money to do with, these days.

But I’m always happy to tell you everything about my finances. ❤️

One thought on “March 2020 Financial Update

  1. investing is a long game—and I’m nowhere near the end of it

    Yes! My wife and I went through the Great Recession and saw our net worth take a major hit (two quarterly drops of almost 10%, each, part of five successive quarters of negative overall returns 4Q07-4Q08). Yet now we’re retired. Because we didn’t panic, didn’t cash out, continued to invest at the same rate, and got all the money back plus more in the years since.
    Keep telling your Millennial readers not to panic, Nicole! There may be a time, but it’s not yet.

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