March 2020 Financial Update

Let’s start with the good news: I received $9,630.23 in freelancing income last month and $3.25 in publishing royalties.

Now, the less good news: I also lost a lot of investment portfolio value, like pretty much everyone else with investments. My Vanguard portfolio alone dropped by $9,371.70. (The majority of my investments are in Vanguard, but I have $5,137.87 in a HSA and $5,559.52 in a TIAA 403(b) annuity that I was told I could not roll over into Vanguard—apparently I’m locked into that investment for life, thanks TIAA.)

Which means that my current net worth looks a bit like this:

It's a sad chart. A very sad chart. The bars are going down instead of up.

The actual number, as of this morning, is $157,631.69. That’s $5,104.46 down from last month’s $162,736.15, and YNAB tells me that my total net worth has dropped by $9,400.16 since January 1.

Which is fine.

It’s FINE.

As I explained in Lifehacker this morning, investing is a long game—and I’m nowhere near the end of it.

That said, I saw that there was a request in the comment section to learn more about how I did money, so I think I’ll write a bit about that for Wednesday, since I don’t have a guest post prepped to run (though I do have two guest posts scheduled for later in the month, and the pitch inbox is open).

Though I’m not sure how I do money has changed, much, over the years. It’s just that I have more money to do with, these days.

But I’m always happy to tell you everything about my finances. ❤️

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