How Are You All Doing?

My day-to-day life hasn’t changed all that much since we all started self-isolating; I work from home and live by myself, so I was reasonably self-isolated to begin with. I mean, I’m well aware that I’m not interacting with people the way I used to — I’m not going to the YMCA, I’m not going to choir rehearsal, I’m not getting coffee with other writers, and I’m not even visiting my parents (they’re doing fine, by the way).

On the other hand, I was already good at interacting with people on Slack, FaceTime, and Skype (for both business and personal purposes) so… you know… a little more of that, a little less of the face-to-face, a long walk every afternoon after work, and otherwise my life is pretty much how it always was.

What about you? I’m pretty sure my situation is fairly atypical — so if you’d like to share yours, the comment section is open. ❤️

Also, here are some of the resources I’m referring back to every morning:

The Financial Times’ coronavirus tracking data (includes lots of curves at varying stages of flatness or growth)

The New York Times’ coronavirus cases by U.S. county (my county’s cases jumped from 42 to 71 in the past 24 hours, which I know is still a lot better than many places, but we didn’t see our first confirmed case until March 21 and I suspect our curve will trend upwards for a while)

Mathematician Brenda Fine’s Twitter feed (lots of info on whether the numbers are moving in the direction we want them to move, and how we can tell whether social distancing efforts are working)

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