I’m Winding Down the Blog End of Nicole Dieker Dot Com

You probably noticed that I didn’t post anything last week.

(Or maybe you didn’t notice, which was kind of the point.)

I’ve been trying to do some kind of daily or every-other-daily blog post on Nicole Dieker Dot Com for a little over a year, with recurring guest contributors, and although much of that has gone very well—and we’ve had some excellent guest posts—this blog isn’t really serving my long-term writing goals or my long-term career goals.

It became something I was doing because I felt like I had to, not because I wanted to.

And I think you could tell, if you were paying attention to either the quality or the length of my recent posts.

I want to write stuff that’s worth reading, and the blog posts I’ve been writing for Nicole Dieker Dot Com are not only not my best work but are also taking up time/energy/words that could be devoted to my best work.

This includes all of the new freelance work I’ve taken on recently, as well as my fiction writing and long-term personal projects.

What I mean to say is that there are a lot of thoughts occupying my thoughts right now, to quote one of my favorite posts of the past year, and none of those thoughts are “how do I continue to grow the blog end of Nicole Dieker Dot Com?”

So I’m going to stop. Like, trying to do that.

But I’m excited for what’s coming next, and for sharing it with you when it’s ready.

Also, there will be a new (and final) guest post by Tara K. Shepersky on Wednesday that I very much recommend you read.

Thanks again, for everything. ❤️

4 thoughts on “I’m Winding Down the Blog End of Nicole Dieker Dot Com

  1. Will we get our money back? Oh wait… we’ve just been freeloading on your creative output, enjoying your words without contributing anything. (“No,” in other words. 😉) So we will have to content ourselves with seeing where your future endeavors take you! Good luck! (Oh, but will you still put out where you got published in the past week? I really like those.)

  2. I’ll miss reading your posts here, but I’m glad you’re moving on to what nourishes and excites you!

  3. One of the things I’ve enjoyed about following your journey is seeing how all the things you’ve done towards optimization, making assessments and trying new things have resulted in growth (on a personal level, with your writing and financially). I’ve definitely taken a lot of inspiration from you.

    Anyway just wanted to say thank you! I can see how winding down the blog makes total sense, so congratulations on coming to that decision.

    Should I subscribe to your email list to get updates on your new projects?

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