Happy Friday! Here are a bunch of quick thoughts before I get to work on a big freelance assignment:

First, I wanted to show you what my piano practice looks like, keeping in mind that putting a camera in front of anything changes it slightly. This is Mozart K332 mmt 2 Adagio, the same piece I played for you last week, but WORKING ON BEING EVEN MORE SPECIFIC:

In this video you can hear me trying to identify the problem with the ornament, but I still haven’t figured out the central issue. (This is where some musicians make the choice to “just play it over and over and hope it gets better.”)

In this video you can hear how much cleaner the ornament is after I identified, isolated, and addressed the primary issue (I needed to lead towards the penultimate note, which was getting blurred because I wasn’t giving it enough time or emphasis).

Next up is that trill, which is still a bit smudgy towards the end.


Have you read Roy Scranton’s newest essay? It’s called I’ve Said Goodbye to ‘Normal.’ You Should, Too. The piece will cost you a NYT click if you don’t already have a subscription, but it’s worth it.

(It also made me think that The Biographies of Ordinary People was now a book that described the past instead of the present. Their world — the world we all lived in prior to 2016 — will never come back quite as it was.)

(Which could also be a good thing, depending on where we go from here.)


I don’t know what to do about the comments yet

I am reading them

I am not responding to them

I feel bad

Feeling bad is a sign that something needs to change

Do I remove the ability to comment?

Do I set the expectation that the comment section is for you to respond to the ideas presented in each post (and for you to have conversations with each other) but that I will rarely comment back?

Do I build in time in my schedule to reply to comments?



(I mean, there are probably many ways to let me know, you could email or Tweet or direct message me, but the joke is that you’ll have to leave a comment)

(I am sure we all got that joke)

(let’s move on)

Here’s where I got published this week!


Why are there different types of credit scores?

Both FICO and VantageScore offer different types of credit scores depending on what information lenders are requesting and which credit score model is being used.

Haven Life

How to watch the big game during COVID

How to come together for the big game while still staying apart.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts From My Office

  1. Comment on Comments: I like getting comments on pieces I post. If nothing else, it tells me somebody found what I wrote to be interesting enough to spend a minute or twenty to leave a thought. I usually do not respond, unless (a) somebody asks a question, or (2) it’s someone I have not seen before, in which case “I really liked this!” gets a “Thank you, and thanks for reading!” type of reply. So if you don’t feel like replying to every comment, Nicole, then I suggest you keep on doing what you’re doing. Speaking for me personally, my feelings won’t hurt. 😁

  2. Yeah… I wasn’t expecting anything! It is usually my way to say “you made me think and I am continuing to read what you write!” You can remove comments if you don’t like them, but I don’t think any of us need a response unless you just really want to. 🙂

  3. Roy Scranton’s essay amused me in that it seems so…normal. Doom-mongering climate opinion pieces in the Times full of breathless “everything’s totally different than before and worse than we thought!” claims have been normal at least as far back as 1996. I think there must be some sort of conservation-of-outrage rule such that our opinion leaders – the Serious People – need to be angry and worried about something at all times, something dire and sure to end in tears if we don’t listen and pass on the message and act now. In that light, the NYT having popped the stack and retreated all the way back to worrying about climate again seems like really great news, it means that we’re back to normal and have no more pressing or nearer-term threats. Covid and Trump and racism and police brutality and immigration can step aside; climate is back! Hurray!

    On comments, I say keep them – a comment section makes a blog more worth reading – but only respond if the spirit so moves you. I think we can all promise not to take offense if you don’t reply nor will we assume you agree with any point you don’t respond to. I still get new comments periodically on youtube videos I posted back in 2007; I don’t respond but it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know somebody just now learned to play an Indigo Girls song from me. 🙂

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