I haven’t written much about my freelance income in a while — so if you’re curious about how my year has been, writing-and-money-wise, you should check out the piece I just wrote for Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing:

Earn Money Writing: 4 Big Lessons from a $126K+ Freelancer

2020 was actually my second six-figure year as a freelancer. The post I wrote for Carol includes at least four of the techniques I used to build my career and hit my income goals, so check it out — and if you have questions about freelancing, earning money, building clients, and so on, ask ’em in the comments.

Tomorrow I’ll get back into the Problem-Solving Series, with a few posts about the ways in which problem-solving interacts with time (and the ways in which time is also a problem to be solved). ❤️

2 thoughts on “In Which I Discuss Six-Figure Freelancing on Make a Living Writing

  1. RSS update: My blogreader contains a category with subscriptions to both hello-the-future.tumblr.com *and* nicoledieker.com so now I’m seeing every post twice. I should probably unsubscribe from the former – prior to a few days ago it had last updated on March 26 2019. 🙂

  2. I’m really happy for your success! It’s been a looong time since that JCC conversation about whether maybe it was time to quit our respective day jobs, but it seems like it all worked out! Onwards and upwards…

    This new commenting system might take some getting used to (especially not being able to re-edit after posting a comment) but it’ll do.

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