I am very very excited about the slate of guest posts I have coming your way over the next month — I told you a while ago that I wanted to run one guest post per week, and someone must have spread the word on Twitter, because I got a pile of pitches.

It’ll be good to have a few other perspectives on this-here blog, right? Especially since I tend to have a particular sort of perspective…



I want to review it soooon soooon soooon, but I haven’t even had time to open it yet, and today is going to be a little too busy to steal a few extra minutes for workday reading.

(must time-block when to read time-block planner)

(wow that’s meta)

(I originally typed that as “wow that’s meat”)

Before we move on to WHERE I GOT PUBLISHED THIS WEEK, I want to share a song with you. Listen all the way to the end, because Fred Rogers identifies the very problem I was discussing yesterday: there are times when we really do have to hurry up, and learning how to handle those deadline-centered moments is just as important as learning how to take our time with the rest of them.

Here comes a very very very lot of articles that got published last week….


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Guide to credit card minimum payments

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Can you use PayPal on Amazon?

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Credit Cards Dot Com

Is the American Express Blue Business Cash Card the best business cash back card?

It has a solid rate of cash back, but it depends on where your business spends the most.

Make a Living Writing

Earn Money Writing: 4 Big Lessons from a $126K+ Freelancer

In 2020, I had my second six-figure year as a freelance writer, grossing $126,683 before business expenses and taxes.

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