Soooo… you want to hear me play, right? (I can’t spend the past two weeks writing about the practice of play and the ease that comes with understanding without, like, giving you an example.)

Here’s the first movement of Mozart K332.

A few notes:

This is both a single take (obviously) and the only take. I wanted to recreate the live performance aspect as closely as possible, and that meant staying committed to the piece no matter what happened.

Which I do. There are a few weeble-wobbles, but I do not fall down — and I keep myself focused on the moment and the music throughout. In fact, there is one moment (right around 8:17 as I begin the second repeat) that feels almost magical. ❤️

Here’s where I got published this week! Also — before I run down the list — I should probably share what I posted on Twitter this morning:


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