I’ve got two videos to share with you today. The first is my current progress on Ravel’s La Valse, twelve days into learning the prima part of the four-hand duet (my “how to memorize music on the first day you learn it” strategies continue to work, if you’re curious):

The second is my not-quite-current progress on Mozart K332. I recorded myself playing the first movement on Wednesday, and even two days later I’m considerably stronger in, like, all of it (last night L said “you’ve transferred so much more of the piece from guessing to knowing“):

But I didn’t re-record the first movement of the Mozart today because I wanted to prioritize working on the third movement. (I really should record that for you at some point, shouldn’t I — especially because it would be an interesting look into a bunch of unsolved problems and how I am currently trying to solve them.)

On Monday I’m going to write about what I discovered last night after playing the first and then the third movements for L and Marian Call — that it takes a lot more work to do something you don’t know (or, as I put it over Zoom, “It takes a lot of work to suck at something!”) and that the “high initial effort = low initial result” factor might be why so many of us avoid doing the deliberate, specific work it takes to make something effortless.

There’ll probably be a breadmaking story in there too, since it took me wayyyyyyy too long to figure out that the amount of effort I was putting into inconsistent and often substandard loaves of bread could be significantly reduced if I just standardized my processes (huh, “substandard” and “standardized” are connected, that’s interesting).

Anyway anyway anyway.

(Of course I make my own bread, you remember this from an older iteration of the blog…)

On to where I got published this week! The “what to know before you file your taxes” piece included a last-minute revision after the American Rescue Plan Act changed the way unemployment benefits were taxed, in case you’re curious. Our tax system is both frustrating and fascinating. ❤️


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