Here I am with 22 days of practice on Ravel’s La Valse (the Garban four-hand arrangement, prima part).

This represents not-quite-22 hours of work, since I’m also using my morning practice sessions to learn Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 12 in F major, K. 332 — but I’m also counting the time L and I are putting towards putting the duet together, so just-under-22 hours is a fair estimate.

Everything you hear me play is memorized, though I’m pretty sure I’m taking the piece more quickly than it ought to go.

By “pretty sure,” btw, I mean one hundred percent sure. Trying to play a piece at tempo is one thing, but now I’ve done that thing and I need to go back to my detailed, disciplined problem-solving work.

Which is where I’ll start on Day 23. ❤️

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