I’m still catching up on things after getting coronavirus-vaccinated earlier this week; the vaccine appointment and the (mild) vaccine recovery both took chunks out of my workday, so I’m just a tick behind — which is why this week’s Thoughts From My Office installment will be so short, and go almost directly to Where I Got Published This Week.

I got the J&J vaccine, btw — and I was able to get it because my state opened up vaccinations to everyone above 16 years old on April 1.

(I was also able to get it because I live in a small town, where supply is not quite so competitive with demand.)

Post-vaccine, I had a day of feeling kinda grody (headache, body ache, nausea) followed by a day of feeling kinda worn-out and foggy. Today I am back to my usual bounce and was able to put in two hours of piano practice in addition to my freelance work.


where I got published this week. ❤️


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