This week I want to:

Complete all of my freelance work (this is a given, I’ve only missed two deadlines in my 10+ years of freelancing [one because my apartment flooded and one because of last summer’s derecho {aka inland hurricane}])

Memorize the first two pages of La Valse, which I’ve been putting off because L and I keep saying “those pages are so easy, we can do them whenever,” well WHENEVER IS THIS WEEK

Record myself playing either the Chopin nocturne or one of the movements of Mozart K332, since I haven’t shown my work in forever and FOREVER IS ALSO THIS WEEK

Split my Mozart practice sessions between “problem-solving the 16 measures of mmt 1 that are still uncertain” and “memorizing the recapitulation in mmt 3”

Finish reading Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning (almost done) and The Inner Game of Music (barely done because I keep wanting to do all of the exercises [also maybe I should just buy the book instead of perpetually renewing it at the library {but I really should finish reading it first to make sure}])

Write a blog post about using the interleaving technique mentioned in both Make it Stick and Inner Game to improve/expedite the learning process

Write another blog post about overcorrection and all of the stuff L and I have been talking about lately

ACTUALLY NOT OVERCORRECT, like, in my own life (we know what has been proved to work and what happens when you deviate too far above or below [nearly always above] what has been proved to work in an attempt to get something else to work faster)

Write Tara K. Shepersky a letter, since it’s my turn to send one (btw did you know you can write Tara letters as part of her PenPal Project, she is a very good correspondent)

Study one grandmaster chess game (currently R. Hubner – L. Portisch Brussels 1986 [also yes I am reading Neil McDonald’s Chess: The Art of Logical Thinking])

Play one game of chess with L

Make two new origami animals with L (we’re studying Robert Lang’s Origami Zoo, if you’re curious)

GO TO THE LAKE WITH L — we are planning our first trip for next weekend ❤️❤️❤️

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