On Monday I told you that I was going to record the third movement of Mozart K332 by the end of the week — well, I decided to record the entire sonata instead.


I love everything about this performance except for the part where the phone falls over. Prior to that technical difficulty, everything had been very technically proficient — probably because I spent half of last week’s Mozart practice sessions digging into the movement’s weak spots and trying to solve as many problems as possible — and you can hear how much it delights me to be able to play with a sense of knowing.


This is probably the best performance of this piece so far — or it was, until I started thinking this is probably the best performance of the piece so far, I hope I don’t play any wrong notes.

On the plus side, I have now learned which aspects of the piece are still not 100% known.

Here comes MOVEMENT 3, ALLEGRO ASSAI, recorded (by me) for the very first time:

The important thing about this movement is that it is FULLY MEMORIZED. That’s what I spent the other half of last week’s Mozart practice sessions working on, after all — and I spent much of this week’s Mozart practice sessions addressing individual problems within the movement, though it’s obvious that I haven’t yet addressed them all.

On the subject of the work you can do during the course of a week, HERE’S WHERE I GOT PUBLISHED THIS WEEK:

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