It’s Monday, you know what TO DO:

  • Freelance work (obvs)
  • Memorize the last movement of Stravinsky’s Les Cinq Doigts (I did that this morning, will need to confirm that it is memorized tomorrow [and reconfirm that it’s still memorized the day after that])
  • Record/post Les Cinq Doigts in full
  • Record/post Mozart K332 in full
  • Continue La Valse detailed section work with L
  • Continue La Valse metronome work with L
  • Visit YMCA to see if I want to join up (I loved the Cedar Rapids YMCA; now it’s time to see if I can love another one just as much)
  • Book spa day (we aren’t planning on taking a vacation until the very end of August, so I’m all “okay, am booking spa day for upcoming weekend, mani/pedi, float pool, hot stone massage, facial, everything that fits in my budget and can be completed in six hours”)
  • Continue chess study (at least one lesson per day and two games per week)
  • Continue Gödel, Escher, Bach study (I’ve been reading a few pages every day, which is about all I can handle at once)
  • Try to fit music composition back into my schedule (ummmmmmmm but I want to)
  • Write two lengthier blog posts this week since I should have time (and last week’s posts were pretty short)

To give you a bit of context for what I hope to write about this week, here’s where I currently am with the third movement of Mozart K332:

If you don’t want to listen to the whole thing, the tl;dw is “much better than the last recording, although there are a few memory lapses and the ending is still the weakest part.”

But the real point of my sharing this with you is to start a conversation about what L and I have dubbed “what-it-is-ism” (or possibly whatitisism) — our shorthand version of saying “what it is is what is real” (or, conversely, “what is real is what it is.”)

In terms of piano practice, “what-it-is-ism” often means “what it is is a direct reflection of the work you’ve put in up to this point.” Like, sometimes I’ll say “I should be better at this section by now,” and L will say “That’s ego. Why do you think you should be better at something than you are? Remember what-it-is-ism.”

And then I’ll say “It’s not ego, it’s me saying that I keep trying to solve this problem and it keeps not getting solved, and I can’t figure out why the work I’m putting in isn’t getting the output I’m hoping for…”

That might be a good place to start tomorrow. ❤️

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