First of all, you’re only going to get today’s blog post title if you both “read last week’s blog post To Learn” and “read the BlooP chapter in Gödel, Escher, Bach.”

Second of all, I know a third of you just read read as read. The middle third are reading read as read for the first time, and the last third are going to figure it out when I say “you know, like lead vs. lead.”

Even though lead and lead are not homographic verb tenses, and it really should be “like lead vs. led.”


(Are you all having as much fun as I am?)

I did in fact figure out how to read BlooP, which was one of my to-learn goals from last week, and then I turned the page and Hofstadter was all “Now you get to write BlooP!” and I immediately thought “NooP.”

Except I have to, because one of my rules for myself this second time through GEB is that I need to do every single one of the exercises.

(When I first read GEB, back in my early twenties, I skipped all of them.)

I also did my chess exercises for the week, although I have yet to play another game with L (or anyone else).

I solved the problems in Mozart K332 mmt 3, and then I went back and tried to play it with perfect form and immediately introduced a bunch of new problems.

I started learning the next 40 measures of La Valse, some of which got memorized, and then I got sidetracked because I wanted to go back and rework everything I’d learned so far with perfect form.

(The “perfect form” thing is in fact the gamechanger I predicted it would be. I have so much more control over my playing, and can make so many more positive choices.)

I also made a recording of the first 32 measures of the Bach Ricercar a 6.

This week I’m doing BlooP exercises and chess exercises, and I want to make another complete recording of Mozart K332. I also want to finish memorizing the 40 measures of La Valse I began learning last week, and learn/memorize another 16 measures of the Ricercar.

That’s enough to-to-the-do-to-the-learn for this week, I’m quite sure. ❤️

p.s. I also might be able to complete the revisions I wanted to make on my music composition, they’re all either scribbled on paper or recorded onto my phone, all I have to do is enter the notes into Finale, that just takes time, let’s find some…

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