I have two thoughts to share with you this week:

  1. For me, “rest” means getting to choose the speed of your own thoughts. This is why I rarely find TV or movies restful, and why conversations are often energizing, occasionally draining, and rarely relaxing. Looking at art is restful. Reading is restful. Walking, without music or podcasts, is restful. Being in nature, especially when you can be quiet in nature, is very restful.
  2. I have no problem getting things done when I’m tired, as long as I already know what I’m supposed to be doing. (I can even parse BlooP, if I absolutely have to.) That said, I’m starting to believe that rest, as described above, is an essential part of generating original thoughts. Or creating something new.

More on that next week. ❤️

On to where I got published this week!


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