The thing is that if I’m going to write (rewrite) this book, I’m going to need to take time away from something else.

The thing is that it’s probably going to be this blog.

Not completely — BLOG IS TOO IMPORTANT TO GIVE UP — but I might not do posts every day.

The thing is that I want to share how everything is connected; the work I’m doing at the piano, the work I’m doing on my writing, the work I’m doing with chess (which is FINALLY IMPROVING, I hope to explain why later), even the work I’m doing at the barbell club, and that’s going to take time too.

I could just say EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED and trust that you’ll believe it.

It’s more fun to write it into an essay.

Maybe this blog becomes a weekly “Thoughts From My Office” thing, in which I share whichever thought has been the most important that week, in more-like-an-essay form, followed by the list of Where I Got Published.

I’d probably get more readers if I limited it to one essay per week anyway. We’re all reading a lot of newsletter essays by a lot of smart people right now, and I don’t want to write a bunch of stuff that is going to make everybody feel oversaturated when I could spend that time WORKING ON A BOOK because THERE AREN’T ENOUGH BOOKS I GUESS?

On that note, should this be a (free) Substack?

It could very very very easily become the Nicole Dieker Newsletter, with “here’s my most interesting thought” and “here’s the most interesting thing I read” and “here’s the list of where I got published” and all of that.

Plus occasional (though not weekly?) guest posts.

I could also say “um maybe I am taking August off from blogging” and then come back after — no, I don’t like that idea.


but not today

Until I come up with a more specific plan, expect blog posts mumbletimes, and subscribe via email to make sure you get ’em.

(pull out the hamburger menu [the three little gray lines] in the top right-hand corner to get the subscription signup)

(I know that’s confusing)

(also why I should just do a Substack like everyone else)

(UPDATE: the Substack is in place, it’s called Showing My Work because of course that’s what it’s called, everything on Substack will be crossposted to this blog but you might as well sign up if you like Substacks)

On to Where I Got Published This Week!


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One thought on “Thoughts From My Office

  1. Do the book. Right now you can hold it in your [metaphorical] hand, grok how it all works, have the characters tap you on the shoulder when the scene should have gone on longer [or stare at you in disbelief because they would NEVER do what you just wrote]. Plus you have L fascinated and wanting more.
    Do the book, Nicole.

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