Hello hello hello HAPPY FRIDAY!

Today you’re getting a roundup of OTHER PEOPLE’S WORK, because I’m not the only person making good work right now. ❤️

First, my copy of Tara K. Shepersky’s Tell the Turning arrived in my mailbox this week! I was expecting the chapbook to be beautiful, both in terms of its construction and the art contained within. I was not expecting to find literal surprises between the book’s covers, which is probably the very definition of a surprise (something you are not expecting to find), which is why I am not going to tell you what they are.

I will tell you where to buy the book.

I will also share the book’s trailer:

Second! Alan Lastufka’s first full-length thriller Face the Night is not yet available for mailboxes, but I have an ARC and, a few years ago, served as a developmental editor on an early draft of Alan’s novel. I am very, very excited to see this book launch in early 2022, and hope you’ll be just as excited to read it.

(Note that “first full-length thriller” means that Alan has written and published several short stories in what you might consider the thriller genre, you should read them too, they are all good.)

Here is where to pre-order Face the Night!

Here is the book’s trailer!

Third! The Doubleclicks just released the original cast album for their first musical, Teaching a Robot to Love! I have not yet heard this musical, but I did listen to the song they released earlier this week about a robot who tries to throw a “normal human party” and am very excited to experience the entire show.

Here is where you can purchase and/or stream the cast album!

Here is the video about the normal human party!

If you know of other people doing excellent work right now, let us know in the comments. ❤️

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