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These Airports Let You Meet Your Family and Friends at the Gate

How to Get an Airline Gate Pass

Order Multiple Versions of Something and Return the Ones You Don’t Want

Use Friday to Plan the Following Week


I’ve eaten a meal replacement shake twice a day for two years. Here’s what it was like.

I got OK BOOMERED on that piece about ordering multiple versions of something and sending back the ones that don’t work, which might have been fair. Curious what you think about that whole thing. I know that Amazon is encouraging the buy-try-return practice with Prime Wardrobe, but I also know that we probably shouldn’t be using Amazon as our ethical guidepost here. There is also research indicating that getting packages delivered is more carbon-friendly than driving to the store yourself, but the more we buy and return, the more emissions we create.

Sooooooo maybe I shouldn’t buy three pairs of shoes with the intent to only keep one of them? What do you think? ❤️

Where I Got Published This Week


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Have a good weekend, everybody! ❤️

Where I Got Published This Week


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Money Talks: They laid out finances on their first date. Then they retired at 38 and 41.

See you on Monday! Next week I’m going to write a little more about what I’ve been doing with my money lately—but until then, have a good OPEN THREAD and/or WEEKEND! ❤️

Where I Got Published This Week


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I’ll be taking Monday off for Colmumbles Day, because freelancers gotta grab those days off when we can, so I’ll see you all on Tuesday.

MYSTERY BOOK draft is at 10349 words. One of my writing days this week was a little short—only 404 words—but I am still working on this EVERY DAY and LOVING IT. ❤️

Where I Got Published This Week


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Buy a House During the First Week of Fall

Here’s the selfie of me at the Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre fundraiser, as promised. Have a good Open Thread, and see you next week! ❤️

Fun fact: the building in the background is my apartment.

Where I Got Published This Week


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Have a good open thread, everyone! ❤️

Where I Got Published This Week

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The thread is open! Hope you all have a great weekend. ❤️