Friday Open Thread

Today’s open thread is brought to you by an absolutely gorgeous day that I can’t wait to go outside and enjoy.

I’m also probably going to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day today instead of tomorrow, because it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow and the temperature is scheduled to drop back down into the 40s.

So… today I buy the books, and tomorrow I read them.*

How about you? What’s on your mind this Friday? ❤️

*JUST KIDDING I am totally going to start reading the books tonight.

Friday Open Thread

It’s Open Thread time!

I’ll start: last night, I finished watching Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 “Oathbreaker,” which means I only have fourteen episodes left before I’m fully caught up.

I know that I could watch those fourteen episodes before the Season 8 premiere on Sunday.

I am choosing not to.

Instead, I’m going to spread them out over the next ten days, so I’ll be all caught up by the second episode of Season 8.

Because I cannot do five hours of television a day any more. That’s just too much TV, y’all. I’m expecting Oompa-Loompas to show up in my apartment at any moment.

(Also, I have a choir concert at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, so I wouldn’t be able to watch the premiere with the rest of the world regardless.)

Anyway, that’s what I decided last night and I already feel like an Iron-Throne-sized weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

How about you? ❤️

Friday Open Thread

Switching these over to Friday by request (and also because I wanted to)!

Let’s discuss anything we want, everybody.

I’ll start by sharing the jam that is currently in my ears:

What about you? Do you have music you like to listen to while you get work done? I am a huge fan of picking one YouTube track and then, like, looping it for two hours. ❤️

Saturday Open Thread

It’s that time again — and today, my question is whether you like this particular time, or whether you’d rather have open threads on Fridays.

(Or, you know, Wednesday or something. But most of the time open threads are on Fridays or Saturdays, so I’m curious if you have a preference.)

Discuss! ❤️

Saturday Open Thread

Time to discuss WHATEVER’S ON YOUR MIND.

I’ve got vacation on the brain, first because it’s Spring Break and a lot of people I know are either traveling or getting back from travel or preparing to travel, and second because I just started planning my own vacation for this summer. (More on this next week. It ties into the creative practice, I promise.)

So chat about travel, or… whatever you’d like! ❤️

Saturday Open Thread

Time to discuss whatever you want — and if you want something to discuss, I’ll ask whether you’re planning any spring cleaning this weekend (or next weekend).

I’m going to put away the winter sweaters and the heavy coat and get out my favorite Breton-esque striped shirts (of which I currently own eight, because I don’t like having to decide what to wear in the morning) and then cross my fingers that the weather won’t get cold again. There are still piles of snow on the side of the road, but we’re supposed to break 60 degrees by the end of next week, so… maybe spring will arrive on time. ❤️

Saturday Open Thread

It’s the Saturday Open Thread! Let’s discuss LITERALLY ANYTHING!

Here’s what’s on my mind right now: I have, as of late, read at least ten different “how to complete big creative projects” or “how to be financially independent” or “how to live a good life” books, and although the details in each book are all slightly different, they all come down to two basic tenets:




Know what you want, and don’t let all the other people and commercials and cultural influences that claim you should want something different get in the way.


Saturday Open Thread




Since it’s an open thread, you can discuss whatever you’d like — but if you’d like a prompt, I’d suggest watching the latest Lessons from the Screenplay video:

Michael Tucker always makes excellent points about storytelling, and in this video he reminds us that every scene is about desire — that is, even if the purpose of the scene is to give a piece of exposition or whatever, the characters still need to be going after what they want.

It was exactly what I needed to hear, at this point in the NEXT BOOK draft.