Pitch Me

If you are interested in pitching Nicole Dieker Dot Com, I am looking for guest posts that lend personal insight to any aspect of the creative practice.

Such as:

  • How you balance your creative work with your other responsibilities.
  • How you fund your creative work.
  • How you make money from your creative work.
  • The rituals you do when you begin or end a work session.
  • The planning you do (or don’t do) before you start a new project.
  • What you do when you get stuck.
  • How you are building your audience.
  • Etc.

I am interested in pieces from both people who are beginning their creative practice and people who have spent some time sustaining a creative practice. However, I’m only interested in pieces that are about actions you’ve already taken and what you’ve learned from them.

In other words, I’m not interested in “I’m going to wake up an hour earlier every morning to write my novel.” I’m interested in “I tried waking up an hour earlier every morning to write my novel and here’s what happened.”

It doesn’t have to be novels, btw. Any type of creative work in any medium counts. (Here are some previous guest posts if you’d like to read them!)

Pay is $100 per piece.

Minimum 800 words. Maximum AS LONG AS YOU WANT.

Send pitches to dieker.nicole@gmail.com.

I won’t be able to accept all of the pitches I receive, so if I turn your pitch down please don’t take it personally.

But I look forward to working with as many of you as I can. ❤️

UPDATE: Here’s one more tip as you put your pitches together. Think “short, thoughtful insight” rather than “prescriptive list.” What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about creativity this year? How has it changed the way you work? Start there.