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Pre-order "None of the Monitors Are Asleep"

Symbolic logic, a terrible joke about root access, and a template for happiness.

The pre-order for my newest philosophy zine is now live, and I can finally show you the beautiful cover:

Image credit: Alan Lastufka, Shortwave Publishing

I can also tell you what it’s about!

In this issue, Nicole deals with a complicated logic puzzle—and creates both a syllogism and a template for happiness.

I can even share the blurbs that are on the back cover!

"Dieker writes with unrepentant honesty about the human condition." — BookLife

"The reader is pulled, relentlessly, through the story." —  David Lee Zweifler, author of "The Inevitablist" and other short fiction

"The longest consecutive quantity of lines that have required me to read them with full and focused attention." — Tara K. Shepersky, author of Tell the Turning

And now I will, once again, link to the pre-order page.