Maybe This Shouldn’t Be a Daily Blog…

So the other day I was writing about why I thought I probably wouldn’t finish the MYSTERY BOOK draft by the end of the year, and Vaxtyn commented that maybe I should take a blog sabbatical.

I don’t really want to take a blog sabbatical, but I really really like the idea of not blogging every day.

Seeeeeeee I originally intended this to be a daily blog full of rich insights into the art and the finances of a creative practice, and while I began the year writing these long, detailed posts about the work and the life being two separate things and how to earn money from your creative work, I have done a lot of shorter, splattier posts as of late.



And so on.

This isn’t exactly what I want for Nicole Dieker Dot Com, especially because my short blah-blogs are now interspersed with more substantive guest posts—and I can’t let the guests be the ones writing the best posts on the site!

Also, you know, because this is theoretically my professional portfolio. So it should look PRO FRESH.

(Also I gotta stop doing the all caps thing. It’s outdated internet language.)

Sooooooooooooooo what if, instead of trying to crank out a post a day no matter what, I only posted when I had something worth sharing?

This solves, like, five different stressors that I knew I’d have to address before the end of the year, specifically:

  1. What am I doing with this blog
  2. I need to drop three discrete writing assignments per week because I am OVERLOADED (and yes, this blog counts as an assignment)
  4. I want to do better blog posts, not more blog posts
  5. “Like, five” doesn’t have to mean “five,” this time it turned out to mean “four”

So. On to the book, then.

And more posting when I’ve got something substantive to say—which should be at least once a week, don’t worry.

Also, I’ll still do the weekly “here’s where I got published” posts, so you can read everything else I’ve been writing. ❤️

A Halfway Point Update

So we’re roughly at the halfway point of this year’s “blog every day at Nicole Dieker Dot Com (in addition to all of your other writing work)” project, and so far we’re at what you might call sustainability, if not growth—which is to say that my readership and subscribership has remained almost uniformly constant since I started the project (thank you!) but hasn’t expanded.

The two tools I incorporated to monetize the blog have brought me zero dollars so far; the Jetpack ads decorating the white space have technically earned $56.43, but that isn’t enough for Jetpack to pay out (they don’t give you any money until you earn $100), and the IndieBound affiliate links have yielded 18 total clicks and no sales.

This isn’t me complaining about not earning any money, btw; if you’ve been following this blog (or my writing at Lifehacker) you already know that this has been my highest-earning freelance year ever.

In fact, I’m tempted to take the ads off the blog, because maybe I don’t need them.*

Or, more specifically, maybe you don’t need them.

So, as we move into the second half of 2019: what would you all like to see on Nicole Dieker Dot Com? More thoughts on writing? More thoughts on money? More insight on how I get work done? More book reviews? More guest posts? (I have the budget for more guest posts.)

Here are the most viewed posts over the last 30 days, if you’re curious:

These stats suggest that my readership is divided between “regular readers who are mostly reading the new stuff” and “people searching specific terms like 1000 Words of Summer or Women With Money by Jean Chatzky“—which, honestly, isn’t that much of an insight, it’s literally EVERY BLOG EVER.

But when I check the search terms (that is, the searches that lead people to this blog), I see a lot of people searching specific names/titles like “1000 Words of Summer,” “women with money,” “Seth Godin,” and “Andrew Yang.”

In other words, people aren’t coming to this blog looking for answers to questions like “how do I self-publish my novel?” or “how do I get started as a freelancer?” Maybe that’s because I’m not writing posts that effectively answer those questions (or, more likely, that I’m not optimizing those posts for search).

However, my blog is currently the fifth Google result for “Seth Godin problem solving,” the fifth result for “women with money,” and the second result for “1000 Words of Summer” (the top result is, of course, Jami Attenberg’s newsletter).

Which means I could continue to grow my readership by writing specific posts about specific things, instead of less specific posts about coming back from vacation or whatever, and I am absolutely going to do that.

But that won’t be, like, the only stuff I write in this space.

So let me know what you’d like to see in addition to the book reviews and the “thoughts on other people’s thoughts” posts, and I’ll do my best to work ’em in.

Because you’re the core readership, after all. ❤️

*Yes, I’d still get the $56.43 in ad revenue I’ve already earned. You get paid out if you earn over $100 or if you quit your ads (as long as you’ve earned over $25 before you quit).