Want help with your freelance career and/or your manuscript?

This post was originally sent to my TinyLetter subscribers.

It’s CYBER MONDAY, and I cannot believe that I am sending this out on CYBORG MONDAY, but I wanted to let you know that I was recently invited to become a career and manuscript consultant at Seattle’s Hugo House.

Which means that if you are looking for something to purchase THROUGH THE INTERNET, you can buy sessions with me.

You already know that I give away a lot of my freelancing wisdom for free—you might have heard the most recent episode of the Writing & Money podcast, for example—and I’m not going to stop doing that. But if you are interested in setting up an hour or two to talk specifically about your freelance career goals and how to achieve them, I am here for you.

I am also here to offer editing, copyediting, and proofreading services on your manuscript. I am a VERY GOOD EDITOR who hasn’t misspelled CYBER MONEYDAY once.

I’ll just quote myself here:

As an editor, I focus on whether the writer is effectively communicating their story to their audience. Sometimes there are narrative gaps that need to be filled so that a reader can link one section of text to another; sometimes the text is unbalanced, with too much time spent on a certain story element (most commonly exposition).

I read very quickly and can complete a 90,000-word manuscript in 2–3 hours, though you’ll want to add in another hour for me to write up my feedback. I’ll send the first round of feedback via email, and we can have a follow-up conversation over the phone or online (via text or video chat)—whichever is most comfortable for the writer. If you just want my initial feedback on a draft, that’s great; we can also continue the conversation and I can provide additional written feedback on subsequent drafts.

If you’d like copyediting/line-editing/proofreading services, estimate 30 minutes for every 600 words.

If you’re a freelancer who is looking to build your career, we can set up an hour-long consultation. We could look at your pitching strategy, discuss how to expand your client base, or address any questions/concerns you have about freelancing.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, my rates are $90/hr and you can sign up right here.