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Haven Life: What 3 Morehouse College graduates plan to do now that they’re free of student debt

What is it like when your student debt disappears? How does this kind of opportunity reshape your future? I had the privilege of interviewing Steven Anderson II, Juan Clark and Josef Sorrells about their Morehouse experience, how they felt when Robert Smith announced his gift and how this incredible act of generosity will change their lives.

Lifehacker: If You Want to Build New Habits, Build Fewer Habits

Turns out that adding all these new and exciting habits made it harder for me to stick to my core habits, simply because there are only so many habits you can tick off before it’s time to complete the “go to bed at the same time every day” habit.

So I stopped, culled, and reprioritized.

Lifehacker: Carry Your Trip Insurance Info When You Travel

One of the main reasons I got an airline credit card was because it came with multiple forms of travel insurance.

(That, and the free checked bags.)

However, when I found myself stuck in Chicago overnight thanks to flight delays and missed connections, I realized that I didn’t really know the details of my travel insurance plan.


Where I Got Published Today: Lifehacker

Don’t Let the Online Retirement Calculators Scare You Away From Investing

I think I’ve told this story before, but I started my first full-time office job eager to save money. I was going to live below my means! I was going to build my emergency fund! I was going to contribute to my retirement accounts and get the company match!

Then I started doing the math.

Even if I saved 20 percent of my pretax income for retirement—which seemed like a phenomenal amount—it would take me five years of working to save up one year’s worth of income.

Where I Got Published Today: Lifehacker

How to Manage Game Day Anxiety

Whether you’re playing a sport, preparing a speech, or getting ready to sing in front of an audience, it’s nearly impossible to control the pre-game jitters.

That’s fine. In fact, it’s expected.

Where to Shop This Memorial Day Weekend

If I were planning a big shopping trip this Memorial Day weekend, I’d be most interested in the Tempur-Sealy Memorial Day Sale, where you can save up to $700 on select mattress sets. I don’t need a new mattress at the moment, but I love my Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud pillow—and if you have a different favorite mattress brand, one that doesn’t include “pressure-relieving material originally developed by NASA to absorb the G-Forces of astronauts traveling to space,” it’s probably offering a few hundred bucks off its mattresses too.

Where I Got Published Today: Lifehacker

Don’t Let Boredom Get in the Way of Your Goals

We all know how exciting it is to start a new habit. Today we’re going to be the type of person who wakes up early! Packs their lunch before work! Goes to the gym!

We also know how exciting it is to experience something that pulls us away from the daily grind. Today, we get to sleep in! A coworker suggested we try the new pizza place! The weather’s too nasty to make it to the gym, so we get to stay home and watch Netflix instead!

There’s nothing wrong with skipping the gym now and then, of course. (Rest days are just as important as workout days.) However, when your habits are in that tricky stage where they’re no longer new but not quite routine, it’s crucial that you stick to them.

Where I Got Published Today: Lifehacker

Plan to Retire Even If You Don’t Plan to Retire

If you’re one of the people who has decided to solve the retirement problem by “working for as long as possible,” it’s time to ask yourself what might happen if your working days end sooner than anticipated.

You Don’t Need All the Qualifications Listed in a Job Posting

If you’re job hunting and you find a potential job where you only meet some of the requirements, go ahead and apply. Worst-case scenario, you don’t get the job. Best-scenario, you get hired—and find yourself in a position where you can grow.

Where I Got Published Today: Lifehacker, Bankrate

Lifehacker: Want to Be Happier? Live Closer to the Stuff You Want to Do

The next time you’re apartment or house hunting, don’t start by looking for the perfect building or home. Instead, look for the places where you’d like to spend your time—gyms, libraries, restaurants, and so on—and pick a home as close to those amenities as possible.

Preferably, no more than 15 minutes away.

Bankrate: Bye, billfold: A guide to paying with your mobile wallet

If you’ve never used a mobile wallet before, you might be curious about how it works — and why it could be a better option than a credit card. Read this guide to learn how mobile wallets work, the pros and cons of using a mobile wallet, and which mobile wallet might be right for you.

Where I Got Published Today: Lifehacker

Stop Feeling Bad If You’re Not Saving Every Penny to Buy a Home

If you feel a little behind on your homeownership goals—or if you’re wondering whether homeownership should even be one of your goals—don’t worry. First, you’re not alone. Second, it’s harder to save up for a home than it’s been in a long time.

How to Level Up Your Freelance Income This Year

Your goal is to develop the kind of client/freelancer relationship where they can count on you for work and you can count on them for money. The kind of relationship where they offer you more work before you even have to ask.

Where I Got Published Today: Lifehacker

Make More Money as a Freelancer by Turning Down Work

In short: if a client offers you a gig and you’re not sure you have time to fit it into your freelance schedule, don’t take on the extra work and run yourself ragged. Tell the client you’d like to work with them but you’re currently fully booked, and see how they respond. 

Try Making Small Tweaks Before Big Life Changes

If you’re not happy with your life, is it better to make a small tweak or a big change?

The answer, of course, depends on what you’re hoping to achieve—and how much risk you’re willing to take to get there.

Where I Got Published Today: Bankrate, Lifehacker

Bankrate: American Airlines and Hyatt Hotels team up for crossover rewards-earning partnership

Good news for American Airlines and Hyatt Hotels loyalty program members: You’ll soon be able to earn World of Hyatt points as a passenger and American Airlines AAdvantage miles as a guest.

Lifehacker: How I Increased My Net Worth by $27,000 in Six Months

I read Financial Freedom three times, cover-to-cover. I did all the exercises and plugged my numbers into Sabatier’s online calculators. I realized that with my current expenses, I could “retire” and live off my investments as soon as those investments hit $750,000—which, at the time, the calculators predicted would take twelve years to achieve.

Of course, I’m not really planning to retire in my late 40s. I’m both a writer and a novelist; we tend to keep working until our final hours. But I’m also realistic. I’ve been a freelancer for seven years, but I can’t guarantee my web writing career will last another seven; even if there’s still the same demand for articles and content, I may start getting passed over for fresher faces with a better grasp of pop/youth culture.

Lifehacker: Change Your Loyalty Program Passwords Now

Hackers don’t just target high-value travel rewards, either. The NYT reports that one man had 9,700 Buffalo Wild Wings points stolen. According to BWW’s Blazin’ Rewards site, that’s enough for nine free lunches (not counting tax and tip) and one free order of street tacos.