Lori Lacina’s ‘Mama Said’ Is Now In Print!

On Friday, I took the bus to Iowa City so I could visit Prairie Lights (arguably Iowa’s best-known indie bookstore) and hear Lori Lacina read from her new book, Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This: 365 Daily Reflections From the Heartland.

This was a treat—not just because indie book readings are always a lot of fun, but also because Lori had asked me to work on a draft of Mama Said as a developmental editor.

And now the book’s out! In the world! Here’s a photo of my copy next to a plant!

I’ve done a handful of developmental editing projects with a handful of writers (some of which are currently in process), but this is the first time I’ve gotten to hold one of their published books. It’s an absolute delight.

Lori consulted with a number of writing teachers, mentors, editors, and designers as she took Mama Said from draft to publication, and her Prairie Lights reading—to a full house—is proof that self-publishing can work when you do it right.

I’m so thrilled for Lori, and so happy to see Mama Said in print. ❤️